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(released 15 July 2022)

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NUMB is the sixth album to be released by Lewis Taylor, out 15 July for streaming/download and 26 August 2022 on CD, on his own label Slow Reality (an anagram of his name). 

The 10 brand new tracks were written and recorded after a long break from making music, 17 years to be exact. 

The years away have done nothing to dull Taylor's unique musical vision although the lyrical themes have changed. Fifteen years of soul searching and unflinching self-examination cannot fail to influence this song writer, and it shows. 

The album was written and recorded over a two-year period and marks a return to the darker more atmospheric and mysterious side of his output. 

1. Final Hour 
2. Numb 
3. Feels So Good 
4. Apathy 
5. Worried Mind 
6. Please 
7. Brave Heart 
8. Is It Cool 
9. Nearer 
10. Being Broken